Allow the feelings to move through

Today as I reflected about life inside my own body and the spaciousness and clarity with which I am currently living, I decided to treat myself to a new manifestation tattoo. It’s an easy way I am learning to set an intention for my life other than, “go to work and do your best, take care of family responsibilities and appointments and then reward yourself or drink your way through the parts that are difficult to deal with once you get home.” I can see someone else feeling a similar pull to television, the lottery, video games or social media. Anything that triggers those “you deserve a break today” urges. When I smoked cigarettes, I used them as a way to stop the presses and slow things down.

I found this cool product on social media and decided I was worth the splurge. (*I am not selling here, just sharing a tool I am using). Conscious Ink has a great selection of themes from which to choose and they are fairly inexpensive. Temporary tattoos for grown-ups, don’t you just love it?

I started with the free one they offered (you pay shipping) and enjoyed seeing it in such a personal way without having to remind myself with post it notes all over the house (though that’s a great idea I’ve heard and put in my tool kit).


The following week I located a spot on my inner arm that I though might keep the tattoo on longer. The wrist is a tricky spot. I loved this message and it served me to see it almost the entire week through. It would play through my mind and I credit it with putting my mind at peace about the big decisions I am making in claiming my life.


And so, today, on my last couple days of vacation time to work through my “new normal, ” I decided to remind myself that these tears are healing and it only serves me to:


I simply love that the control key photobombed this snap.

I am assembling a big ol’ box of tools to help me fill the extra time I’ll have on my hands and on my mind. The clarity is palpable. Even only on Day four.

As I was reflecting on counting the days of this journey I was wondering if I should count from each morning or each evening, I realized that it really doesn’t matter at all because it’s not about what day I am on, but on the experiences that I find refreshing or new. I don’t yet know what I intend to become of this blog, though I don’t think I will be posting daily, but as a particular feeling moves through me.




5 thoughts on “Allow the feelings to move through

  1. Exactly. I promised myself ONE tattoo when I was younger and I have that one. I have been wanting a new one and I’m going to either spruce up the one I have up or ink over it into a new design…or maybe spruce it up AND get another. But, yes…experimenting!


    1. Me too! Totally worth the small fee and a great way to “test” where I might want a real one when I reach a certain milestone. Already planning a trip to Europe with the money saved by not drinking (hey I had behavioral contract rewards for myself when I quit smoking!), but I think I also need a second tattoo. I was always said I’d only get one in my lifetime, but I didn’t know I would start a new life halfway through!


      1. I’ve heard that they’re addicting! I don’t have one yet (YET) haha. I’m planning on traveling with the money I’m saving too! I love traveling. I didn’t save money the first couple of months because I was paying for the patch (quit smoking at the same time), and spending a lot of $ on cookies, books, and smelly stuff hahaha 😁

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