Week 1 Check-in

I have been quite productive in these past couple of days. I really avoided some work that needed doing over the break from school, but I needed to focus on my health in light of my transition to sobriety.

I lost track of the “days sober”count for a second and then I remembered that we started on our ride home from Texas on Wednesday morning. So, since today is Wednesday, I guess I got a week under my belt. I gave up drinking for a spell of about a month in 2012, so I’ll be most excited once I meet that mark.

But a week is sure a GREAT start! I am teaching my ninth graders about setting goals and explaining about the difference between long term and short term goals and trying to give them the tools they need to navigate change in their lives. Before I knew it, I told them I quit drinking. I didn’t give details and I may have minimized how much I used to drink on a Friday night to decompress from the work week, but I was able to claim it as a positive and use it to send a message to others that it’s not something that they will have to do to lead a fun and full life.

If that is all I accomplished this week, I would be proud, but it’s not. When I can catch my breath this weekend I will describe some things I am discovering as I continue to navigate my “new normal.”



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