100 days of sobriety

I got a little off schedule with posting. I’ve been “working” on a draft for a week, but mostly, I have just been laying low. The production was a wild success and I have been getting reacquainted with reality. And having free time.

Right now I don’t quite know what to make of the time that was spent in rehearsal for three months, but I do know I am not spending it drinking. Staring at walls, maybe, but not drinking.IMG_1545

I was cleaning out the fridge this weekend (okay, so maybe more than staring at walls) and noticed that I have a little split of champagne left over in there for a guest. Before that would have been GONE the second I didn’t want to go to get wine one night.

I have been noticing the beer in there as my husband still likes to have one once a week or two, but it struck me to see see that this is Shiner CHEER, their winter holiday blend. It’s in my fridge – IN APRIL. Come to my house, I can offer you a beer!

Today marks 100 days of sobriety. Other than being kinda bored with seltzer water, I feel like I’ve got this. Now I just have to work through the awkward small talk moments on my own at social gatherings and I’ll be a pro. I am definitely not there yet, but I know with time I can do it. Practice, practice, practice.IMG_1558

Cheers! Have some bubbly with me!

4 thoughts on “100 days of sobriety

  1. Congrats on 100 days, and on the production! Love the realization about the champagne and the beer. I had a similar discovery in our downstairs fridge – a whole box of bottles beer was in there. I was wondering what to do with a sheet cake I was trying to fit in said fridge, when ding! I realized I could just take the box of beer out, because me = sober, and the hubs doesn’t drink beer. It was so satisfying to take the box out, too. … Again, congrats! -HM. p.s. What was the show?

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    1. Hey there! It’s fun to make new pathways! The show was Willy Wonka wherein children’s excessive habits are curbed for the better – you know -same old story! 😉

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