A recap and another job offer?

After that fiasco that was putting our house on the market and then losing the job before even reporting to work, we doubled down efforts to apply in the other districts. A lot of the positions that were available are no longer open. I am continuing to work the few avenues still open to me, but it does feel a little dried up compared to how it felt a month ago…

I attended the other job fair on Monday and many places in the Austin area that were at the Fair had recently hired administration or theatre teachers. I felt like I had a strong lead with Austin ISD (and they are the ones who have called me for an interview before and a very large district for tons of options!) and I sent a follow-up email on Wednesday and have not heard anything back yet.

The synchronicity was really strong! I pulled up next to a work truck of that district’s on the way to the fair and then while thinking about it on the way back, I looked up at the street address was 111. When I sent a cover letter two days letter (after ALLLLLLL the ones…), the districts address is 1111. Crazy stuff. Don’t understand it all, but I am sure trying to listen.

I did secure a Skype interview at an outlying district for a middle school video position that interests me. The location is not what I thought I wanted, but it actually sounds kind of nice to step out of the rat race a little…I don’t know. What I do know is that the day after the interview, the principal’s secretary asked me to fill out the official application and that the principal left me a voicemail today to check in and left his cell phone number.

I suspect that he’ll get back to me soon and that I should contact him via the cell if he does not. Who wants to go into a weekend wondering…



4 thoughts on “A recap and another job offer?

    1. They say it all works out in the end and if it’s not working out, then it’s not the end. πŸ™‚ I’m trying to not push too hard against the world…I think I forgot that with the Aurora position…
      Thank you, Paul!

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